LVB Voice Best Rap Artist In USA is the most promising up-and-coming Rapper/singer/Dancer/label owner and Best Multi Genre Artist. Straight out of the heart of the Boogie down Bronx, New York, he made his official debut with the
single “Soldier” released from his label “ Quadrostar Records” and distributed by Sony/Orchard. “Soldier” is a multi-lingual, multi-layered, multi-cultural anthem. the anthem “soldier” Fuses hip-hop and reggaeton beats in transition, back and forth dynamically with dramatic pauses to incorporate classical “Minor chord” soprano Vocalizations then the arrangement for the chorus. LVB Top Rapper In USA effortlessly switches from rapping and singing in English to Spanish. the single is catching momentum on youtube hitting 1 million views in just over 2 months December 2021 to January 2022

Obliterating the expectations: Creating an entire “new era” of party anthems edging with a lyrical subtext that conceptually pushes the imagination is what “The Voice” came to do.
He also is an excellent practitioner of Krump/BBoying and many other urban styles of dancing to coincide with the signature feeling only created by LVB Voice Top Rapper In USA. The Label Owner with a super small budget and a simple system of Facebook Ads, Google ads, instagram ads Marketing/Promotion strategies has been able to accumulate a large following across youtube and instagram. With only one project officially distributed worldwide, LVB Best Latino American Artist has generated 6M total views and counting.

LVB Voz Top Rapper In USA- its in the name! His old manager called him the “Avatar” during a Shady records meeting because when he sang and transitioned to rap, it was like his voice could manipulate air space, and time.
So he is the “Last Vocal Bender”.”Voz” is Voice in Spanish and pays homage to the Puerto Rican legendary salsa singer-
Hector la Voe (voice in french) “el Cantante de los cantantes”- here means “singer of singers”.
Hector la Voe and LVB (Voz)Voice Best Multi Genre Artist coincidentally share both their government-given names and birthdates.
LVB Voz Best Rapper In USA (Voice) intends to continue the tradition and demonstrate he is today “singer of singers and rapper of rappers”.
His influences are a spectacular array of talented superstars that range from but are not limited to 2pac, Michael Jackson, Daddy Yankee, and Marc Anthony…
The ever-so-talented LVB Voz: Best Multi Genre Artist pronounced el Vee Bee Vohs: is known for his witty rap bars, fast flow, tongue-twisting quadruple metaphors, and soprano powerful high notes.
Gifted- LVB Best Rapper In USA is recognized for his unmatched ability to switch from “Micahel Jackson style vocals” to “Eminem/big pun style raps” and the spontaneous combustion of his unrivaled “Daddy Yankee
styled reggaeton” paired with “DLG kind of hooks and bridges ” He literally has no peer!!
LVB Voice Top Rapper In USA can draw a crowd whenever where ever he wants, and Lvb Voz Best Multi Genre Artist has no problem demonstrating.

The singer/rapper/Dancer/label-owner intentions are to Secure a major big-budget deal so Lvb best Latino American Artist can pioneer a new Lucrative genre, “new era”- Urban/Pop/Latino and claim his crown.